​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​IF YOU DON'T PLAN AHEAD  you might suddenly find yourself lying in a hospital bed gripped with concern as you contemplate the important things you need someone to know or do.  If critical concerns are not handled promptly or properly, critical bills could go unpaid; your property, possessions and financial accounts could be at risk; family confusion or conflict can erupt; even fraud or financial elder abuse can take place.

IF YOU PLAN AHEAD (and get Ready to Delegate), your friends and family won't have to ​scramble like detectives to figure out where things are, what you want, and how best to handle your critical concerns. And you can relax knowing you've done what you could to make sure things are handled properly, even if you're temporarily incapacitated.


We help you document critical

information and instructions

about your affairs, which you can

keep in your safety deposit box

for now.  This way, if you are suddenly

ill, hospitalized, injured, delayed by

travel, or you need help simply

because you are aging (!), you can

convey these details to someone you trust,

in a moment's notice!  

     - Quickly provide critical details about your affairs to someone you trust
     - Convey your wishes (very important)
     - Retain more control over your affairs
     - Protect your estate, your valuable assets, your life savings

The good news is that you can remain private and independent about your affairs, now, and only share these details when you are ready.

USING OUR STRUCTURED FOUR-PHASE APPROACH  we help you quickly hone in on what's important to you. For example, you may wish to only address the immediate concerns you would want handled in an emergency, such as the care of people or pets who depend upon you; safeguarding your home and valuables; contacting your family and trusted advisers. Or, you may wish to go further, and document critical information about your everyday money management or other more personal issues.

WE ARE EXPERTS  at identifying the right information and instructions that will be most helpful to the person(s) you entrust to handle things for you.

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​​​​​What If You Are Temporarily Unable to Manage Your Affairs?
What would you need someone to know or do, if you are suddenly incapacitated?​​

We'd like to help you plan ahead and get Ready To Delegate.

We call this getting Ready To Delegate.