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​​​What If You Are Temporarily Unable to Manage Your Affairs?
What would you need someone to know or do, if you are suddenly incapacitated?
We help you retain control and protect your financial security. 

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Financial Caregiving

Practical Planning for Seniors

If you don’t plan for sudden incapacity, you could find yourself lying in a hospital bed gripped with concern as you contemplate the important things you need someone to know or do. Critical bills could go unpaid; your property, possessions and financial accounts could be at risk; family confusion or conflict can erupt. Even fraud or financial elder abuse can take place.  
The truth is, the less you do now, the more you have to worry about later on. 
If you plan for incapacity, you can relax knowing the things most important to you are being handled properly and according to your wishes.​

How We Help
The best way to protect yourself, 
if you are

suddenly unable to manage your affairs for

some reason (illness, injury, travel or

simply because you are aging), is to get

Ready to Delegate
We help you document critical information

and instructions about your affairs which

you can keep private for now and, in an

emergency, give to someone you trust to

handle your affairs for you.

The greatest advantage to being Ready to Delegate is that you can maintain your privacy for now and yet be fully prepared to give the person you trust (your fiduciary)  all they need  to do a good job for you!

Our Ready to Delegate service is a structured 4-phase approach to help you craft your Fiduciary Plan, the plan you need to ensure the items most important to you are being handled as you wish. We are experts at identifying the information and instructions that will be most useful in protecting your estate.  We charge on an hourly basis, meet you in the privacy of your home and sincerely want to help you protect your estate.

We help you get Ready to Delegate.

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